Primary Care Services
Primary Care services

Scope of services: Comprehensive on-site health care for all Delta County children What Services may be offered? ·School, sports, camp, and employment exams ·Immunizations ·Concussion care ·Prescription medications ·Care for asthma, diabetes, depression or other chronic conditions .Common concerns such as acne, menstrual and weight problems ·Minor surgical procedures ·Sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment ·Birth control ·Suturing ·Coordination of care, transportation, food, or housing insecurities and specialists ·Behavioral health concerns such as sleep issues, depression, stop smoking ·Individual, group, and family counseling. Telehealth option available. ·Dental screenings and comprehensive care such as sealants, fluoride, x-rays ·Parent and child education ·Vision and hearing testing Confidentiality? Visits to the health center are confidential. Information is NOT shared without parental or child consent (over age 12). We will not share information with your school. What does it cost? When registering to come to the health center, we will ask for insurance information. If you do not have insurance, we can help with applications by using the Delta Family Center. We accept ALL insurances. We will ask you for your co-pay at each visit. The health center has a sliding fee scale for parents that can not pay. The health center also offers payment plans. Who is here to care for you?

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Our Mission

Vision: Students are provided with the tools they need to be healthy and in school learning and life. We provide wrap around services in all of Delta County to support a healthy student population of all ages.

Mission: A Kidz Clinic will prioritize the health and well-being of our children and youth. To achieve this, we must provide them with top-notch, all-encompassing, and culturally sensitive healthcare services within the community. This ensures accessibility and confidentiality, both of which are crucial. By embracing diversity within the school community, we instill a sense of inclusivity and tolerance, which are values that we all should uphold. Your support and advocacy for these critical issues will inspire a brighter, healthier future for our children and youth.